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COFFIN, Roger Frank

Servicenumber: 39199530




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Age: 21
Born: 25 October 1922, South Dakota
Hometown: Trail City, South Dakota
Family: Harry E. Coffin (father)
Marie D. (Prenevost) Coffin (mother)
Roy H. Coffin (brother)
Howard C. Coffin (brother)
Jean M. Coffin (sister)
Grant Coffin (brother)
Zane V. Coffin (brother)
John Coffin (brother)
June (Livesey) Coffin (sister)
Lorane Coffin (sister)
Jerry Coffin (brother)
Mary (Giddings) Coffin (sister)
Rank: Corporal
Function: Infantryman 11C (Mortar-Man)
Regiment: 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Battalion: 1st Battalion
Division – Transport: 82nd Airborne Division 
Company – Squadron: C Company 
Unit – Group: -
Plane data:
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)
Date of death: 23 September 1944
Status: KIA
Place of death: Plasmolen, Holland

Near the current 'Restaurant de Plasmolen Hof' and with a pond on their right.

Awards: Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Plot F, Row 2, Grave 10
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Margraten
Other information:

Cpl Roger F. Coffin enlisted in Tacoma, Washington on 3 February 1943.
Following the successful jump into Holland, Roger and his platoon were assigned to the unit defending "The Hill" at Plasmolen. "The Hill" was
strategically located overlooking the highway that runs from Mook to Milsbeek (now N-271) The highway follows the Maas river, making it the only tank route for the Germans to retake the bridge that the 505th had captured at Nijmegen. "The Hill" is a 300 ft high forested ridge that overlooks the highway located about 1 mile from the German border. The immediate area is a heavily forested nature preserve, limiting the German tanks to that one road. The Germans attacked the hill for days, on Wednesday the 20th the Germans attacked in large numbers with tanks and supporting infantry, attempting to encircle the troops on the hill. Doyle P. Lawson, J.D. Shelton and Roger F. Coffin were ordered off the hill, down to the highway to stop the German encirclement. Lawson, Shelton, Coffin took up positions between a burned-out hotel (near the current 'Restaurant de Plasmolen Hof') and with a pond on their right. Shelton, Coffin took up position in a shell crater to the rear of the hotel. Lawson took up a position on 'The Hill' side of the highway. They fought off the attack, and after the Germans withdrew, Lawson recalls a mortar attack the likes he had never witnessed before. After the barrage ended, he crawled over the highway, too Shelton and Coffin's position, to find that they had both been killed by a direct hit from a mortar.

Source of information: Peter Schouteten, Dave Coffin,, - WWII Enlistment Record,,,
book written by members of Rogers unit

Photo source: - Sunnyann, Dave Coffin