HIRO, Edwin W

HIRO, Edwin W

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HIRO, Edwin W

Servicenumber: O-728661

Hiro Edwin W
































Age: Not available
Born: 1916, Hennepin County, Minnesota
Hometown: St. Louis County, Minnesota
Family: John Hiro (father)
Lempi Horo (mother)
Elias Hiro (sister) 
Rank: Major
Function: Pilot
Regiment: -
Battalion: -
Division – Transport: -
Company – Squadron: 363rd Fighter Squadron
Unit – Group: 357th Fighter Group
Plane data:
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)
Serialnumber: 44-13518
Type: P-51D
Nickname: Horses Itch
Destination: Vicinity Arnhem, Holland
Mission: Area Support
MACR: 8796 
Date of death: 19 September 1944
Status: FOD
Place of death: Ahaus, Germany
Spot: Not available
Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Walls of the Missing
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Margraten
Biography: -
Other information: Wingman FO. Johnnie L. Carter states in the Missing Aircrew Report:
"At about 1720 we were flying at about 13,000 in a direction of south about 10 miles west of Arnhem, we saw about 10 enemy planes engaged in a fight with about 15 of our airplanes. We dropped our tanks and went into a diving turn to the left. I was on Major Hiro's wing when we entered the fight, but was forced to break up and slightly out to avoid hitting a ship coming head-on. Major Hiro made a sharp turn to the left and got on the tail of an enemy ship. There were so many planes in the Lufberry that I had to pull out and over to get back in position on Major Hiro's wing.
About this time the plane that I thought was Major Hiro broke out and headed for the deck on the tail of a 109. I took out after him and tried to catch them. I followed them all the way to the deck and saw the 109 crash in flames. Major Hiro pulled up into a steep chandelle and got in with a bunch of other ships that were still milling around. Due to my being quite a ways behind and in poor visibility when I joined up with one of these ships, I had gotten the wrong ship. I broke off immediately and tried to find my position but there were so many in the area that I was unable to find Major Hiro.
About this time I heard him call our flight and ask our position, and tried to give his own. There was so much talk on the radio that we could not get each other's position. About this time, recall was given and I thought my best bet was to stay with the ships in the area to come home. I joined one of the flights and returned to base. When I landed I found that Major Hiro had not returned."

Luftwaffe reports attached to Hiro's Missing Aircrew Report tell us that a Mustang crashed at Ahaus (a village 38 miles west of Arnhem), shot down by a fighter. The pilot was dead and was temporary buried in a Catholic cemetery, Vreden, grave No. 11.

Source of information: Michel Beckers, National WWII Memorial, Footnote

Photo source: Peter Schouteten, Merle Olmsted, Peter Randall