HAHN, Clifford B

HAHN, Clifford B

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HAHN, Clifford B

Servicenumber: O-666933  


 Hahn Clifford B 1


Age: 28
Born: 24 May 1916, Gillespie County, Texas
Hometown: Gillespie County, Texas
Family: James Hahn (father)

Mary Hahn (mother)
Stanley Hahn (brother)
Pearl Hahn (sister)
Lloyd Hahn (brother)

Rank: First Lieutenant
Function: Pilot
Regiment: -
Battalion: -
Division – Transport: -
Company – Squadron: 82nd Fighter Squadron
Unit – Group: 78th Fighter Group
Plane data:
(Serialnumber, MACR, etc.)

Serialnumber: 42-7923
Type: P47D-DIRE
Destination: St. Vith, France
Mission: Bomber Escort
MACR: 2112

Date of death: 24 January 1944
Status: MIA
Place of death: North Sea, over Dieppe, France
Spot: Not available
Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart
Gravenumber: Walls of the Missing
Cemetery: American War Cemetery Ardennes
Biography: -
Other information:

Clifford Hahn entered the service in June 1941, trained in Kelly Field and at the Corsicana, Waco and Victoria AAF flying schools before commissioned in Victoria in November 1942. He received further training in Florida and left for overseas in January 1943, serving there for a year before reported missing. Lt. Hahn completed his 60th mission over Europe in January 1944.

I last saw Lt Neel and Lt Hahn Southwest of Brussells flying a course of 300 degrees. At this time I tried to get a homing to Hanston since Lt. Hahn was very low on gas. I could hear the controller but could not read the vector. I asked Lt Neel who was leading if I should go to 30.000 ft. for better reception and he said yes. I looked back several times as I climed and they were still there. I got the vector which was 330 degrees and gave it to Lt Neel who I could no longer see. He said he got the vector and was flying it but I don't know what the vector was or where he got it. Having lost them I flew 330 degrees to England.
Two Gillespie County fighter pilots, missing in action for over a year over France, where presumed by the War Department to be dead, according to letters received by next of kin here during the past week. The two men, Lt Clemens Fiedler, 25, and Lt Clifford Hahn, 28, were reported missing in action over France while on a routine combat mission. Lt Fiedler failed to return from a mission on April 10, 1944, while Lt Hahn was missing on January 24, 1944.

Source of information: MACR, Michel Beckers, Erwin Derhaag, The Harper Harold 27-Apr-1945,
Veterans of Gillespie County, Curtis Chepard 78th Fighter Group
Photo source: Jac Engels, Michel Beckers/Gillespie County Historical Society, The Harper Harold 27-Apr-1945